COVID-19 Treatment protocol

Low level laser therapy as a modality to attenuate cytokine storm at multiple levels, enhance recovery, and reduce the use of ventilators in COVID-19.

Soheila Mokmeli MD Anesthesiologist 1, Mariana Vetrici MD, PhD

“COVID-19 is potentially lethal because of cytokine storm and ARDS. Although most patients who contract COVID-19 may recover at home, a significant proportion require hospitalization and (or) ICU treatment. Many of the patients that are placed on ventilators succumb to the disease despite the best treatment practices. Often, patients are
maintained on ventilators for longer than expected, and this may contribute to ventilator induced lung injury while depleting the patient’s convalescent resources. Modulation of inflammatory factors and a boost to healing are necessary to help patients come off the ventilators.

LLLT is a safe and noninvasive modality that has been used for decades in pain management, wound healing, and health conditions including diseases of the respiratory tract. LLLT was combined successfully with standard medical care to optimize response to treatments, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and accelerate recovery times.
Scientific evidence shows that LLLT attenuates the inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in cytokine storm at multiple levels. In addition, LLLT promotes apoptosis of inflammatory cells and protects alveolar cells from damage. These findings suggest that LLLT is a feasible modality in the treatment of ARDS. LLLT can be added to the conventional treatment in COVID-19 at different stages of the disease.

Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, and ability to shorten recovery times, LLLT can reduce the need of ventilators in the healing process. Clinical trials are necessary to objectively evaluate the effect of LLLT on COVID-19 treatment and recovery.”

Adjunct low level laser therapy (LLLT) in a morbidly obese patient with severe COVID-19 pneumonia: A case report.

Can J Respir Ther. 2020 Sep 28;56:52-56. doi: 10.29390/cjrt-2020-022. eCollection 2020.

“Following LLLT our patient showed improvement over a few days in respiratory indices, radiological findings, inflammatory markers, and patient outcomes. This report suggests that adjunct LLLT can be safely combined with conventional treatment in patients with severe COVID-19 and morbid obesity.”

Recommended co-treatment protocol with LazerTouch for COVID-19.

Co-treatment for COVID-19 with LazerTouch must first be authorized by your physician before treatment is started.

Treat the 18 treatment points covering the respiratory tract as indicated in the image below 2 times per day (morning and evening).

Each point must be irradiated with the LazerTouch cluster probe for 2 minutes. Total treatment time of 36 minutes.

Treatment can be limited to upper or lower respiratory tract. However, it is highly recommended to treat the complete respiratory tract.

COVID-19 treatment points.