Your key to well-being.

Be your ultimate self. There is no reason why injury, pain or any other condition should limit your quality of live.

The LazerTouch is a completely portable unit, which do not require any wires to be plugged in or probes to be adjusted. Easy to travel with and to use outdoors. Just hold in you hand and switch on, this is the only device truly ready for use 24 seven.

Multi probe: The LazerTouch comes standard with a cluster probe and single probe, engineered into one easy to use hand piece. You do not need to purchase separate hand pieces.

Battery operated: The LazerTouch uses 4 X AA batteries. With over 50 hours treatment time, the LazerTouch is ready for use anywhere, anytime.

Safety: The LazerTouch falls in the visible red spectrum of light and is engineered to provide absolute safe use.

Proven results: The LazerTouch is the result of over 5 years of research, engineering and testing. It is specifically engineered for therapeutic use on humans and animals. With 250 mW power, it is the strongest unit on the market for professional use. Yet safe enough for home use.

Department of Health: The LazerTouch is licensed with the South African Department of Health, Radiation Control, license number 538/12137.

When purchasing your LazerTouch you will receive the complete LazerTouch kit, enabling you full use of the unit from the moment you receive it.


The LazerTouch kit consist of:

LazerTouch hand unit
Stylish carry case
First set of batteries
3 year warranty on unit
Online instruction manual
Online demonstration video
Safety lash

12 month money-back guarantee

We know that pain can be very difficult to define and that is why you have a full 12 month money-back guarantee. If you’re not like one of the 97% of the people that used the LazerTouch and experienced pain relief, you can send it back for a FULL REFUND.

Try the LazerTouch today…you have nothing to lose but your pain!

LazerTouch user manual